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Over the past decade CTO PCI still remains the last frontier to be conquered by the Interventional Cardiologist. It is also true to know an achievement of 90 % success in CTO PCI is seen today with skilled operators with the usage of advanced hard ware.

IJCTO is the biggest forum in India which provides in-depth knowledge of CTO PCI for the young budding interventional cardiologist and the spread of skills. IJCTO also dissipates basic and more advanced techniques and scientific innovations in the field of CTO PCI.

IJCTO is a collaborative effort by Indian & Japanese interventional cardiologists to collectively share their knowledge and experience in CTO PCI.

Dr. V Surya Prakasa Rao
Dr. N Prathap Kumar
Dr PLN Kaparthi
Dr. PK Goel
Dr. AV Ganesh Kumar
Dr. Yasuhi Asakura
Dr. Koshi Matsuo
Dr. Kenya Nasu
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The highlights of the 6th Live summit

Course Directors

Dr V Surya Prakasa Rao
Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad

Dr N Prathap Kumar
Meditrina Hospital, Kollam

Dr P K Goel
SGPGI, Lucknow

Dr AV Ganesh Kumar
L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai